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Use this page to get ideas for activities to do on your own and virtual resources from throughout Extension and beyond!

Resources – from throughout Extension

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Programming: The Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program (WYLP), affiliated with the UW Madison Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, and the Division of Extension offers many activities as an opportunity for youth and adults to create awareness and increase skills in the animal sciences  Find out more here, or check out the Wisconsin Youth Livestock Youtube Channel.

Fun Hands-On Learning To Do at Home: If you’re looking for more activities to do at home, check out Fun Hands-On Learning To Do at Home

Badger Talks: Join us for Badger Talks LIVEa virtual talk series featuring talent from the University of Wisconsin- Madison bringing exciting happenings, resources, talent to the people of Wisconsin and beyond.

Service Sunday Ideas

Service Sunday Ideas

Service Sunday Ideas you can implement in your local area:

 Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility Pen Pal Program – Contact a local nursing home/assisted living facility to create a pen-pal program.

Neighborhood Beautification – you don’t want to , we would encourage youth and families to get outdoors and look for ways to beautify their neighborhood and/or community.  It can be as simple as picking up trash around a body of water, in a park, along a beach or on a nature/bike trail.

Families may also want to head out for a walkabout, exploring and looking at their neighborhood and/or community from a different lens; seeing if there are other projects that might be needed.  There may be benches or buildings in parks that could use paint and/or other small projects that families could work on together!!  Why not make a list and then reach out to the city council or town board to seek approval for working on those projects this summer.

Send a Box of Sunshine – To show someone you are thinking of them and to brighten their day, why not consider making and giving out a Box of Sunshine?!

All you need to get started is a shoe box or other small box!!  Wrap and decorate it in yellow and then search for “bright” items to add to the box.

  • Lemon drops
  • Carmex
  • Zone Bars
  • Yellow Gummy Bears
  • Crunch N Munch
  • Lemon Scented Hand Soap or Hand Sanitizer
  • Cascade Ice Drink
  • Lemon Cake Mix
  • Melt Em’s

You might also want to check out a dollar store and find some other great fun yellow/bright things that will help spread some sunshine and light.  Cut out a few paper sunbeams, print out a little note and you have a Box of Sunshine!

Then…think of someone you know who needs cheering up and drop off your Box of Sunshine!!

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