Wisconsin 4-H Staff Directory

Your local county Extension 4-H Program Educator is your first line of contact.




Additional Contacts

State Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Vacant Institute Director
Meredith Alt Administrative Program Manager meredith.alt@wisc.edu
John de Montmollin 4-H Regional Program Manager for Eastern Region (920) 517-4819 john.demontmollin@wisc.edu
Mike Farrey PYD Tech Systems Analyst (608) 262-2496 mike.farrey@wisc.edu
Jessica Jens 4-H Program Associate Director (608) 354-3994 jessica.jens@wisc.edu 
Jill Jorgensen Animal Science and Agriculture Outreach Specialist (920) 391-4659 jill.jorgensen@wisc.edu
Amanda Kadlecek Administrative Assistant (608) 262-1557 amanda.kadlecek@wisc.edu
Justin Lieck Administrative Assistant (608) 263-5971 justin.lieck@wisc.edu
Monica Lobenstein Learning Resources Specialist (715) 896-0377 monica.lobenstein@wisc.edu
Joe Maldonado Community Youth Development Program Manager   joe.maldonado@wisc.edu
Vacant Financial Specialist (608) 262-2391
Kayla Oberstadt 4-H Regional Program Manager for Southern Region (920) 510-9845 oberstadt2@wisc.edu
Laura Pine Educational Programs Coordinator (608) 262-1222 lpine@wisc.edu
Melinda Pollen AmeriCorps Program Coordinator (920) 391-4613 melinda.pollen@wisc.edu
Amber Shanahan Educational Programs Specialist amber.shanahan@wisc.edu
Joanna Skluzacek 4-H STEM Specialist / Wisconsin 4-H Military Liaison (608) 265-2949 joanna.skluzacek@wisc.edu
Jennifer Swensen 4-H Regional Program Manager for Northern Region (608) 215-7395 jennifer.swensen@wisc.edu
Doug Thompson 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator (920) 391-4657 douglas.thompson@wisc.edu
Dawn VandeVoort Volunteer Leadership Specialist (920) 366-7087  dawn.vandevoort@wisc.edu
Heather Vierling 4-H Program Content Specialist (715) 531-1938 heather.vierling@wisc.edu

Student Support Staff

Name Title Phone Email
International Programs Student Assistants 608-262-2491 wi4hinternational@extension.wisc.edu

Extension Content Specialists

Name Title Phone Email
Ron Kean Poultry Extension Specialist (608) 262-8807 rpkean@wisc.edu
Bernadette (Bernie) O’Rourke Extension Youth Livestock Specialist (608) 263-4304 borourke2@ansci.wisc.edu
Liz Jesse Science Outreach Specialist (608) 265-2019 ejesse2@wisc.edu
Tom Zinnen Biotechnology Specialist (608) 265-2420 zinnen@biotech.wisc.edu
Matt Calvert SoHE Specialist matthew.calvert@wisc.edu

Wisconsin 4-H Foundation

Name Title Phone Email
Brenda Scheider Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Executive Director (608) 262-1597 Brenda@Wis4HFoundation.org
Joanne Wolan Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Development Coordinator (608) 262-1597 Joanne@Wis4HFoundation.org
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