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Your local county Extension 4-H agent/educator is your first line of contact.

Positive Youth Development Institute State Staff

State Staff

 Name  Title  Phone  Email
 Matt Calvert  Institute Director (608) 262-1912
  Cynthia (Cindy) Blackburn  Administrative Assistant  (608) 263-1095
John de Montmollin  4-H Assistant Program Manager, Lead for Policy (920) 517-4819
  Mike Farrey  IS Technical Services  (608) 262-2496
 Dondieneita Fleary-Simmons  WI 4-H Program Manager   (608) 265-9788 
Madison Hartup International Programs Coordinator (608) 262-2491
 Justin Lieck  Office Operations Associate  (608) 263-5971
Monica Lobenstein Learning Resources Specialist (715) 896-0377
 Mee Lor  Financial Specialist Senior  (608) 262-5020
 Joe Muellenberg  Outreach Specialist  (608) 262-9605
 Lori Murphy  Administrative Program Specialist  (608) 262-2391
Kandi O’Neil New Colleague Onboarding Director/Volunteer Leadership Specialist (608) 262-2050
 Amber Rehberg  Educational Programs Specialist  (608) 262-1557
 Katie Sepnieski  4-H Assistant Program Manager, Lead for Expanding Access  (608) 262-0491
 Joanna Skluzacek  4-H STEM Specialist / Wisconsin 4-H Military Liaison  (608) 265-2949
 Jennifer Swensen  4-H Assistant Program Manager, Lead for Program Planning/Quality  (608) 215-7395
 Doug Thompson  4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator  (920) 391-4657


Student Support Staff




 Name  Title  Phone  Email
Anna Schaber International Programs 608-262-2491

Allison Olson General Programs 608-262-0601
Hunter Ellis General Programs 608-262-0601


Extension Content Specialists

Name Title Phone Email
Ron Kean Poultry Extension Specialist (608) 262-8807
Bernadette (Bernie) O’Rourke Extension Youth Livestock Specialist (608) 263-4304
Kalyanna Williams Youth Dairy Specialist (608) 263-9409
Liz Jesse Science Outreach Specialist (608) 265-2019
Tom Zinnen Biotechnology Specialist (608) 265-2420


Wisconsin 4-H Foundation

 Name  Title  Phone  Email
 Brenda Scheider  Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Director of Development  (608) 262-1285
 Joanne Wolan  Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Development Assistant  (608) 262-1597