4-H is for Everyone: Expanding Access to Members and Families

For communicative accommodations in languages other than English, please contact oaic@extension.wisc.edu.

Para pedir adecuaciones para la comunicación en un idioma distinto al inglés, favor de comunicarse con: oaic@extension.wisc.edu

Welcome to Wisconsin 4-H, a place for all youth and families to learn and thrive! Youth in 4-H make a commitment to their local community and clubs, as well as nationally and worldwide. 4-H is truly a program for all and involves young people across ages and stages of development, with membership from age five through nineteen years old. Nationally, 4-H’s goal is: “by 2025, 4-H will reflect the population demographics, vulnerable populations, diverse needs and social conditions of the country.”

Join us in exploring the many opportunities offered by Wisconsin 4-H, where you will find a welcoming space for you and your family!

4-H Movement

The 4-H Movement is committed to providing youth development opportunities and promoting positive change for young people. Together we can make the best, better. In Wisconsin 4-H, we value:

  • Being Yourself
  • Belonging Together
  • Building Connections
  • Discovering Skills
  • Exploring Opportunities
  • Giving Back to Your Community

Visit our Wisconsin 4-H Movement webpage to explore resources available to our youth and families, while also learning what Chris Clover is up to!

Wisconsin 4-H and AmeriCorps

Wisconsin 4-H received an AmeriCorps grant to help us grow Wisconsin 4-H across the state! With funding from Serve Wisconsin, Wisconsin 4-H will have AmeriCorps members serving across Wisconsin to grow capacity! AmeriCorps members will work with Wisconsin 4-H to build relationships with partners, identify opportunities to increase capacity and begin new 4-H programming. Our AmeriCorps programs have the goal of increasing the capacity of youth-serving organizations in counties throughout Wisconsin, by creating new 4-H clubs and programs. 


Juntos is a specific program offered by Extension PYD educators and volunteers in some counties across Wisconsin. Juntos (pronounced “Who-n-toes”) means “Together” in Spanish and works to unite community partners to provide Latino 8-12th grade students and their parents with knowledge, skills, and resources to prevent youth from dropping out and to encourage families to work together to gain access to college. The Juntos program is a long-term program made up of components including Juntos Family Engagement through workshop series and family events; Juntos 4-H Clubs with a focus on tutoring, public speaking, life skills, and community service; and Monthly One-On-One Success Coaching and/or Mentoring by an adult who monitors academic progress and coaches Juntos youth to achieve their academic goals.

I’d Like More Information About 4-H

Complete this 4-H Interest Form and a local 4-H educator will be in touch to discuss the opportunities available to you and the special child in your life. In addition to learning about the opportunity for youth participation, you may also select options to receive information about how to be an adult volunteer or how to be a supporter of Wisconsin 4-H.

What Accessibility Resources and Accommodations for Disability Are Available?

Wisconsin 4-H and the Division of Extension is committed to creating an accessible, inclusive, and equitable experience for all program participants. In partnership with the McBurney Disability Resource Center at UW-Madison campus, the division evaluates and responds to requests for disability accommodation(s) by following an interactive, confidential, and individualized process, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If you are a participant in any 4-H program, event or activity hosted by the Division of Extension (which includes local club and county-hosted activity) and need to request a disability accommodation for yourself or a child for whom you are the parent or guardian, please follow the steps found at: Disability Accommodations for Program Participants – Extension (wisc.edu).

How Can a Participant or Family Member Request Language Access?

Division of Extension is proud to have Language Access through Office of Access, Inclusion, and Compliance (OAIC) which serves Wisconsin 4-H. OAIC must have interpretation event dates, materials and details at least 20 business days prior to an event in order to coordinate requested interpretation support. 

Please contact your local county 4-H educator to assist in requesting an interpreter or translating materials needed for local programming.

Resources & Links 

  • Wisconsin 4-H is supported by educators, staff, volunteers, youth, and their families who come together to provide resources at local and statewide events. Learn more about the Champion Groups coordinated by Positive Youth Development educators to help our state’s 4-H program reflect the needs of our state’s young people!
  • The world is a big place. In 4-H Cultural Projects, you can learn more about your own culture or explore new cultures. This is a great project to develop skills in discovering and understanding diversity, and learning to communicate across cultures.
  • Our Wisconsin Conversation is a youth-adult partnership framework we can use to plan and lead activities about topics that matter to youth. These activities are ‘Our Wisconsin Conversation,’ and we may use them to get to know each other, our communities, and our world. 
  • 4-H is making an impact, nationally and locally. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging must be more than words to be effective in addressing the widening opportunity gap affecting young people. For more than 100 years, 4-H has given youth voice to express who they are and how they make their lives and communities better. Today, 4-H strives to reflect America and celebrate the diverse population from all beliefs and backgrounds.
  • In 4‑H, we believe in the power of young people. That’s why we’re putting a spotlight on young people who are making a difference in their communities and creating opportunities at a time when the nation is facing multiple challenges. This page features stories about young leaders who are making a difference 
  • National 4-H Program Leaders Working Group offers resources through an Access, Equity, and Belonging Committee. Learn more about the definitions and resources that have been compiled to support 4-H staff, volunteers, members and families!
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