Wisconsin Distance Learning

The Wisconsin Distance Learning Team provides access to education across Wisconsin today by sharing resources and access to content through non-traditional programming including

  • Take and Learn (Project Boxes)
  • Virtual Learning (Zoom Sessions)
  • Webinars

Frequently Asked Questions

All youth and families are welcome to participate in Distance offerings.  Events utilize Qualtrics OR the 4-H Online system for event registration, but do not require membership in 4-H.  Registration can be completed by following the information provided. To sign up via 4-H online, sign in to 4-H Online (wi.4honline.com), locating the event, and registering.

Please select from the following for help registering for a Distance Learning Event:
I have a 4-H Online account, but need help enrolling in an event
I do not have an account AND need help enrolling in an event

Wisconsin Distance Learning has different types of events throughout the year including:

  • Take and Learn
  • Virtual Connection
  • and More.

Follow Wisconsin 4-H on Facebook and Instagram for posts highlighting different activities happening in the Virtual Learning Community.

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