4-H Online For Staff

Wisconsin 4-H uses 4-H Online for enrollment and event registration. Here are instructions for using the various features.

  • County Manager Guide – This is the original county manager guide. Many of the pages are outdated now and this is here only as a reference. See the documents below for updated sheets.
    • Sign-in and Navigation (Added 2-1-2024) – This county manager guide to 4-H Online gives a quick tour of where features can be found. For details on how to use each section, please refer to the relevant user guide for that feature.
    • Broadcast Emails (Updated 1-22-2024) – Broadcast emails are a way to send emails to a large number of members. This document shows how to create and send a broadcast.
    • Broadcast Emails and Unsubscribe (Added 1-22-2024) – If a family or member is unsubscribed from broadcast emails, the system will not send them any broadcast emails no matter who is sending the broadcast. This tip sheet describes how to tell who has unsubscribed, how members unsubscribe, and how to get them back subscribed to broadcast emails.
    • Approving Enrollments – County staff approve youth member and adult volunteer enrollments. This document shows how to review and approve enrollments.
  • Change (Swap) Club Without Losing Projects (Updated 1-22-2024) – Changing a member’s club can cause the loss of projects if done wrong. This sheet shows how to “swap” the club and keep the list of projects intact.
  • Health Form Reports (added 1-10-2024) – There are two health forms in 4-H Online – the basic two questions answered during enrollment and the extended youth form answered during certain event registrations. This is also where the “Accommodations” question is asked during enrollment. This document shows how to download the reports.
  • Archived Members – Members who were last enrolled prior to 2018 are archived. Families cannot see these members and will get an error if they try to re-add the member. This sheet shows how to “Reactivate” those members.
  • Club Leader Access Fix – In Fall 2023, we changed the system to always show club selection to adult volunteers. This caused an unintended problem where club leaders could not access their club rosters. This document shows how to detect and fix this problem.
  • Duplicate Street/Email Addresses – How to fix “Verify Your Address”, “Duplicate Address: Account Recovery”, and “Could not update family email: address is associated with another account” errors.
  • Granting a Club Leader Access – After a club leader is approved, the county manager must take one more step to grant the volunteer permission to access the club roster.
  • Resetting a Password – Here are the steps to reset a family’s login password.
  • Correcting Wrong Grade – Families sometimes start, and even sometimes submit, an enrollment with the wrong grade listed for a youth. This tip sheet shows how to correct the grade.
  • Background Check Process – The background check process can be complicated if the volunteer doesn’t complete the steps in a timely manner. This tip sheet describes the process and shows how and where to check the status of your volunteers.
  • Report Fields – These are the fields that are available in custom reports and where they can be found.
  • County Manager Modifying Approved Enrollment – There are many times that an enrollment needs to be modified after it has been approved. This sheet shows the easiest way to do that.
  • Event Management Guide – County Managers with permissions may setup and manage events. Additional Managers may be added to view registrations or to assist with the management of registrations.
  • Member and Family Profile Notes – Profile notes are a great way to record a note in a member record. The note can be visible to the family or only to staff and it is not tied to the enrollment year.

Paper Forms

  • 4-H Photo Opt-Out Release – This form is for use with the adult paper enrollment form if the volunteer wishes to opt out of the photo release.
  • Adult Enrollment Paper Form – This is the full paper enrollment form for adult volunteers.
  • Youth Enrollment Paper Form – This is the full paper enrollment form for youth enrollment.
  • Project Enrollment Consent Forms – The project consent enrollment forms are only needed if paper enrollment forms are being used or the family is not able to add the Horse or Model Rocketry projects online. These are the same consents that are being agreed to in 4-H Online.
  • Photo Permission Form – This is the recorded media release form for youth and adults.

Family Guides

  • Family Enrollment Guide – A guide to help families enroll. This covers new and returning families and youth and adult members.
  • Families Editing a Project or Club – If the county settings allow, families can change the projects selections on an approved enrollment or request a club to be added to an enrollment.
  • Participant Event Registration Guide – This guides a family through registering for an event. There are versions for both an event that requires logging into 4-H Online first and for a public facing event.

Documentation Coming

  • County Manager Guide
    • County Settings
    • Member Search
    • Enrollment Management
    • Events and Registrations
    • Activities and Awards
    • Groups
    • Project Management
    • Club Management
    • Custom Reports
    • Standard Reports
    • Glossary of Terms
  • Split family sharing youth enrollment
  • Mark member inactive and remove club & projects
  • How do trainings work and get recorded?
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