Virtual Learning Community – FAQ

Do you still have questions?  If you can’t find the answer while exploring the VLC website, or after looking at our FAQ, please contact Justin Lieck ( and he will direct you to the right place.

FAQ-Offering A Session

Do you have questions about submitting a Program/Activity?  View the following FAQ

FAQ-How Do I Register?

All youth and families are welcome to participate in Virtual Learning Community offerings.  Most events utilize the 4-H Online system for event registration, but do not require membership in 4-H.  Registration can be completed by signing in to 4-H Online (, locating the event, and registering.

Need help getting registered for an event?  Click here.

FAQ-Who Can Participate?

The Virtual Learning Community is open to all youth and families.  Although we use the 4-H online system for registration, you do NOT need to be a 4-H member to participate.

FAQ-How Do I Find Out About Events?

Event listings can be found on our calendar.  Use the sort features to narrow it down to VLC opportunities.  You can also explore the other opportunities offered through Extension programs.

You can also follow Wisconsin 4-H on Facebook and Instagram for posts highlighting different activities happening in the Virtual Learning Community.

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