Project Leader Resources

Project Leader Roles

Project leaders may serve in a lot of ways—at a club, county, and sometimes regional or state level. They may work with a committee and have a great deal of support, while other project leaders may work alone to organize project experiences for youth. In whatever way you may lead a project, you are not truly alone. Find additional resources in the role descriptions below and the resources further down the page.

If you are not sure where your interests fit into these roles, we encourage you to reach out to the local 4-H educator to talk about opportunities in your community.

Resources for Project Leaders

Project Leader Guide: An Overview
4-H Foundations
4-H Online & Enrollment
Money Management
4-H Marketing Materials
Media Collection
Where to Find More Resources

Training for Project Leaders

Project Leaders play a very special role in guiding positive youth development in the club setting and community. Visit the Training for Volunteers web page to find training opportunities and learning resources to support your role.

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