4-H Name and Emblem

I. Purpose of National 4-H logo

All usage of the 4-H Name and Emblem must be for educational or character building purposes, uphold the dignity of the 4-H Name, and provide a benefit to the 4-H Program. This means that all uses need to contribute to the appropriate learning and positive development of the youth and adults involved in the 4-H program while aligning with the principles of 4-H and positive youth development and/or refraining from anything that contradicts positive youth development. The use must support 4-H programming, provide a sense of belonging to the 4-H community, and the benefit to 4-H must be equal to or greater than the benefit received by the entity authorized. To learn more about the National 4-H logo, view the handbook.

II. Wisconsin 4-H Logo

The logo for Wisconsin 4-H joins the UW-Madison logo to represent our connection to Campus. Further, it adds “Extension” to represent the Division of Extension’s management of statewide 4-H functions. Extension is the sole coordinator of 4-H activities and, as such, its name must be in all uses of the logo. View and download Wisconsin’s 4-H logo.

Using the 4-H Name and Emblem Quick GuideUW-Madison Division of Extension logo and 4-H logo

III. 4-H Charter Applications

A 4-H charter indicates the club or group is organized in accordance with objectives of the 4-H program. It authorizes the club or group to use the 4-H emblem for educational purposes in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The purpose of the 4-H Charter is education, communication and accountability. A charter is given to a new 4-H club or group as they are formed and meeting the requirements. 4-H clubs and groups must renew their charter annually through completion of the Charter Renewal Process.

4-H Charter Application and 4-H Charter Annual Renewal documents are available on fillable PDF format and are located on the Charters page of the Wisconsin 4-H Volunteer website. Wisconsin 4-H Charter Annual Renewal packets are due to the local Extension Office by November 1st although local Extension staff can establish an earlier county deadline. New 4-H Charter Applications are due at the time of 4-H Club or Group formation. The 4-H Charter Renewal Year is November 1 through October 31.


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