2021-2022 Annual Leader Training – Learn Together, Lead Together: Youth Adult Partnerships

Each year, youth and adult volunteers and leaders from every chartered 4-H club and group are encouraged to participate in Annual Leader Training. The training topic changes each year to focus on subjects of importance to the whole Wisconsin 4-H community.  In 2021, the area of focus is Learning Together, Leading Together:  Youth-Adult Partnerships.  Two sessions will be held – see below for additional information.  Videos and other resources will be shared here as they become available.  Youth and adult volunteers:  reach out to your local educator/office for connection information and options.

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There are materials and support documents developed to support each session.  See below for links.

November 30, 2021

Building Relationships, Open Communication, and Inclusive Environments

Session 1 Handouts

Barriers to Youth-Adult Partnerships

Effective Youth-Adult Partnership Recipe

“If, Then” Activity Instructions

“If, Then” Cards (For use with Avery Template 4750)

“If, Then” Cards (For in-office printing)






Have questions?  Reach out to your local educator!

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