Youth Leadership & Career Exploration

Your 4-H “Youth Leader Projects” may lead you to “Your Career”.

START EXPLORING NOW! The same goes for all project members.

Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry encourages youth leadership participation and career explorations through all 4-H projects and related activities. Community service projects are highly recommended. Hands-on training is available through various programs. Here is a great opportunity to learn more “life skills” and enhance your resume.


  • Become a project “Youth Leader”
  • Look at yourself as a role model for other kids
  • Build your resume & start early
  • Prepare & practice doing interviews
  • Set up an excel spread sheet (or similar) and record your activities
  • Participate in leadership opportunities
  • Recruit kids to join 4-H
  • Be a good listener and develop good communication skills
  • Practice & develop public speaking skills
  • Participate in community service activities
  • Follow the 4-H dress codes – this says a lot about you
  • Develop & practice good manners
  • Participate in competition as a self-measurement of your skills
  • Become a committee chair or club officer


  • Enjoy learning – it opens many doors of opportunities
  • Try different 4-H projects over your 4-H career
  • Learn about various careers related to each project area
  • Some careers that you learn about you may not want to do
  • Log your ideas for potential careers and change the order as you learn more
  • Job shadows opportunities & part time work provides huge benefits
  • Invite professionals to give brief talks about their careers at meetings.
  • Talk to different individuals about their career pathways
  • Check out Wisconsin Farm Bureau for career information:
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