Leader Certification Training Workshops

Brown-County-archery-2015Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports Leader may be certified in archery, coordinator, muzzleloader, pistol, rifle and shotgun disciplines. Leaders may only teach in the discipline in which they are certified. An adult leader cannot provide hands-on or safety instruction without a 4-H certified leader supervising the range.

Requirements for Attending an Adult Certification Workshop

Volunteers planning to be shooting sports 4-H leaders and current 4-H leaders may attend.

(Those completing a certification workshop with pending 4-H leader status must not instruct 4-H youth until 4-H leader status is approved in the county.)

  1. Age 21 or older to attend.
  2. Be an approved 4-H leader in your county or working with 4-H staff in your county to gain shooting sports leader status.
  3. Complete National 4-H Shooting Sport online training. (This one-time training is required for leaders/volunteers attending their first certification workshop.)
  4. Register for a certification workshop of choice and pay fee by credit card. (Only one certification can be obtained at a Saturday workshop.)
  5. Attend the complete 8 hours of a Saturday certification workshop.
  6. You must consult your county 4-H staff regarding your interest in becoming a certified instructor. Always ask their preferred payment method for national online training and your registration fee for a certification workshop. National online training and certification workshops have separate fees requiring a credit card payment.

Are you attending your FIRST certification workshop or RETURNING to add an additional discipline?

(Please follow the instructions below for your specific status as either a FIRST-TIME or RETURNING workshop participant.)

Adults attending as FIRST-TIME certification workshop participants.

(You must complete the National 4-H Shooting Sports online training and be an approved 4-H leader or working with your county 4-H staff to be a shooting sports leader to attend a Saturday shooting sports certification workshop.)    

  1. Volunteers planning to be a shooting sports leader must contact the 4-H staff in your county to make them aware of your interest in attending a certification workshop. Contacting staff four weeks in advance of a scheduled certification you wish to attend is recommended.
  2. Complete the National 4-H Shooting Sports online training before attending a certification workshop by using the instructions outlined here. Note: National 4-H Shooting Sports online training can be completed at any time by a 4-H leader or volunteer with pending leader status prior to attending a certification workshop.
  3. Click here to access the National 4-H Shooting Sports online training:  https://4-hshootingsportscollege.com
  4. Click on “Clover Academy” which takes you to the payment screen.
  5. Make your $20 payment online with a credit card.
  6. Enter your email address and create a password.
  7. Provide your state, county, and contact information.
  8. Start your training. Please allot two hours to complete.  If you need to stop during the training, you will be able to save and access later using the password you created.
  9. Complete the training and print off your certificate. This certificate is your receipt for training fee reimbursement. Check with your county for their reimbursement policy.
  10. The State 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator will be notified of your training completion automatically from National 4-H.

Adults RETURNING for an additional discipline

(Be currently enrolled as a 4-H Shooting Sports leader. You must re-enroll with your County Extension office each year.)

  1. Contact your county 4-H staff about attending a certification workshop and inquire about a county registration fee payment/reimbursement policy.
  2. Coordinate your choice of certification discipline with your County 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator.

Registering for a certification workshop (For FIRST-TIME and RETURNING participants.)

The fee is $65 each (both spouses attending the same discipline have one fee reduced to $35. Both must complete separate registration forms and submit separate credit card payments, one for $65 the other $35.)

  1. Scroll down to find a Saturday certification workshop of choice.
  2. Open the registration form at your certification workshop of choice, complete it and submit.
  3. Once you submit your registration, you will see instructions for the credit card payment through Extension Brown County.
  4. Click Make Payment then enter the fee in the Payment Amount box and click Checkout.
  5. Then complete the credit card Payment and Billing Address sections, scroll to bottom and type Shooting Sports in the Program Name box and click Submit Payment. You are finished.

Saturday Certification Schedule

To register for a certification workshop, scroll down to find a Saturday workshop you would like to attend. Read the certification workshop Requirements sections above.

2023 Southeastern Workshop, West Bend, WI 

Date: February 4, 2023

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Disciplines: Archery, Rifle/Air Rifle, Pistol/Air Pistol

Register now: https://forms.gle/HjV9Xd8mcTnB3LFp9

Registration Deadline: January 27, 2023

Location: Washington County Fair Park, 3000 County Hwy PV, West Bend, WI

2023 Northwestern Workshop, Hudson, WI

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2023

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Disciplines: Archery (This is an archery only workshop.)

Register now: https://forms.gle/bt6Gsf3CWtWpDwwT7

Registration Deadline: April 14, 2023

Location: A-1 Archery, 587 Lenertz Rd, Hudson, WI 54016

Past Workshops

2022 East Central Workshop, Shawano, WI (Registration open)

Date: January 22, 2022

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Discipline: Archery

Registration Deadline: January 15, 2022

Location: Butch’s Archery, N2885 Pioneer Road, Clintonville, WI


2022 Southeastern Workshop, West Bend, WI (Registration open)

Date: February 5, 2022

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Disciplines: Archery, Rifle/Air Rifle, Pistol/Air Pistol

Registration Deadline: January 29, 2022

Location: Washington County Fair Park, 3000 County Hwy PV, West Bend, WI

2022 South Central Workshop, Stoughton, WI (Registration Open)

Date: April 23, 2022

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Disciplines: Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle/Air Rifle

Registration Deadline: April 15, 2022

Location: Stoughton Conservation Club, 918 Collins Rd, Stoughton, WI

2022 Eastern Workshop, Green Bay, WI (Registration open)

Date: April 30, 2022

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Disciplines: Archery, Rifle/Air Rifle, Shotgun

Registration Deadline: April 23, 2022

Location: New Franken Sportsmen’s Club, 281 N New Franken Rd, New Franken, WI

2022 Western Workshop, Eau Claire, WI (Registration open)

Date: May 21, 2022

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Disciplines: Archery;  Shotgun and rifle canceled due to low registration 

Registration Deadline: May 14, 2022. Paper registration form is available only for leaders who are working on their enrollment process. You can find that registration form here.

Location: Rifle & Shotgun – 8AM report to Eau Claire Rod & Gun Club, 801 Schoettl Ave, Eau Claire, WI

Location: Archery8AM report to Mouldy’s Archery, 2863 South Prairie View Rd., Chippewa Falls, WI


2022 Central Workshop, Marshfield, WI

Date: September 17, 2022

Time: 8AM – 5PM

Disciplines: Archery, Coordinator, Muzzleloader, Pistol/Air Pistol, Rifle/Air Rifle, Shotgun

Registration Deadline: September 9, 2022 register here using this Google form.

Payment will be done through the Brown County Extension webpage – information about payment will be included after you fill out the registration form above.

Location: Central Wisconsin Sportsmen’s Club,  11841 Stadt Rd, Marshfield, WI 54449

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