Grow Green

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Who is this training for?

All adult volunteers who work with youth in Extension programs.

Grow Green is our introduction and orientation to volunteering in 4-H. Learn more about Wisconsin 4-H, roles & responsibilities, best practices, and how to create positive and safe learning environments for youth.

Training Details

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Mobile-friendly—This interactive series adjusts for any device. It works best on a computer or laptop.

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Sound—Some sections include short videos with sound. Closed captions are available.

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Accessibility—Select “Click to hear this page read out loud” at the top of each screen for narration. The training is also accessible for most screen readers.

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Time—Plan for each module to take about 15-20  minutes. If you need to stop, pick up where you left off.

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Navigation—To start, click the green bar below. Each module builds on the one before. The progress bar at the top of the page tells you where you are in the training.

Start the Training

Grow Green Volunteer Orientation includes a core training module about volunteering in 4-H and an additional module focused on a volunteer role.  New volunteers must complete the core module and at least one role-specific module.  Click the “Start the Training” button when you are ready.

Grow Green Volunteer Orientation Resources:

Welcome to 4-H Module:

Club Leader Module:

Project Leader Module

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