2020 Annual Leader Training: Leading, Learning, & Laughing

Each year, youth and adult volunteers and leaders from every chartered 4-H club and group are encouraged to participate in Annual Leader Training. The training topic changes each year to focus on subjects of importance to the whole Wisconsin 4-H community.  In 2020, the area of focus was the three parts of a meeting: Business, Education, and Recreation, or Leading, Learning, and Laughing.  Videos of training sessions and other resources are available.

There are materials and support documents developed to support each session.  See below for links.

Session 1:  Leading Club Meetings (business in 4-H clubs and groups)

Session 1 (Business/Leading) Handouts

Three Parts of a Meeting

Welcoming Virtual Environment

Committees for 4-H Clubs

Roberts or Bobs Rules

Voting in Club Meetings

Parliamentary Procedure Trail Mix

Session 2:  Learning in Club Meetings (education in 4-H clubs and groups)

Session 2 Handouts

Experiential Learning Model

Supporting Youth as Teachers

Pivoting Programming

Reflecting on Learning

Virtual Learning Support Resource List

Session 3:  Laughing in Club Meetings (recreation in 4-H clubs and groups)

Session 3 Handouts

Recreation for Club Meetings

Virtual Wayne Game Ideas

Have questions?  Reach out to your local educator!

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