Summer Academy

June 24-27, 2024

Hosted by Wisconsin 4-H and Community Youth Development of UW-Madison Extension.

Join us on the UW-Madison Campus for the new Summer Academy, June 24-27, 2024. This new Positive Youth Development program will help you discover pathways to your future. Signup to learn what it takes to have a career, or a hobby in several SPARK areas including agriculture, STEM, service, leadership, arts, trades, and many more. There will be fun opportunities to build networks and friendships with folks from all over the state of WI.

The schedule for 2024 Summer Academy will be available soon.

2024 Track Descriptions

See below for a description for each of the track offerings at 2024 Summer Academy!

Agriculture & Animal Sciences: Explore agriculture and animal sciences with facility tours and hands-on experiences in animal handling, reproductive biology, veterinary genetics, meat processing, animal welfare, and more.

Baking & Decorating: Learn the basics (reading a recipe, scaling ingredients, evaluating for doneness, decorating) while gaining confidence that leads to self-sufficiency while exploring career opportunities in baking and decorating.

Biological Sciences: Explore real-world research and applications of topics within the field of biological science (evolution; structure and function; information flow, exchange, and storage; pathways for transformations of energy and matter; and systems). Explore the diversity of biological science, how STEM and life skills (teamwork, communication) are needed to succeed in science.

Diesel & Automotive: Explore opportunities of careers as a Diesel Technician and/or in transportation, with a dedicated, distraction free, in-depth experience for students to develop automotive and diesel industry interest. This includes hands-on experiences in both industries. One of the highlights for this camp is driving and racing remote control trucks on an off road track.  Students work with technical college staff and industry professionals to practice industry repairs and experience the transportation industry with some fun competition along the way.

Expressive Arts: Our expressive arts track will provide participants a deep dive of Madison’s rich art culture while exploring and playing with a variety of mediums, enjoying campus based tours, and learning from students and staff. Participants will get hands-on at the Memorial Union Wheelhouse studio and will meet professionals in the field to learn about their art-related post-secondary journey.

Health, Medical, & Pharmacy: Are you considering a career in the medical field? Our health track will cover comprehensive topics around health and nutrition, medical career options, and pharmaceutical exploration. This track will allow participants to learn about a variety of health related majors and careers and will provide an insight look at life on campus. In addition, participants will learn from healthcare professionals in the nonprofit sector to witness a broad spectrum of career possibilities. 

Additional Details

Summer Academy will be held at the UW-Madison Campus, where youth and adult chaperones will stay at Chadbourne Residence hall. Youth will be participating in a wide variety of track-based activities and seminars. They will be able to visit different locations on Campus and in Madison. They will also have the opportunity to hear from speakers, watch a performance from the 4-H Drama Company, and participate in a variety of fun hands-on activities!


Youth currently in grades 8-11 will be able to register for Summer Academy when registration is open on March 1. The registration will be done in 4HOnline. You can find the registration by going to your youth’s profile and clicking on the events tab in 4HOnline. The event will be called “Summer Academy”.

If your youth is already enrolled in 4HOnline, you can find instructions on how to register for the event here.

If your youth is not already enrolled in 4HOnline, you can find instructions on how to create a profile and register for the event here.

Paper enrollment forms are available here:


You can find all the information you need for Summer Academy in the handbook! This includes information about Campus, the tracks, the program, and more. 2024 Handbook available soon.


The registration fee for Summer Academy is $450 per youth. Bussing will be offered again in 2024 and will cost $50 round-trip regardless of pick-up/drop-off location. This cost covers registration, lodging, meals, transportation, and all other costs for our youth participants. A portion of the cost of this program is supported by the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and a generous donor, who help to reduce the cost of the program for each participant. We graciously thank these donors for their contributions to Summer Academy!

Needs-based scholarships are available for youth who participate in Statewide Educational Experiences. Scholarships require an application that is submitted to the state office. For more information on these scholarships and to apply, please visit the Scholarship page on our website. Scholarships for Summer Academy are due May 15th.


Bus transportation will be provided statewide for youth participants for Summer Academy. When registering, you will be able to see a selection of bus routes and pickup locations that you can choose from. This cost is $50 per participant.

The bus options are:

  • Bus 1 (West/Central) – Rice Lake, Chippewa Falls, Wausau stops
  • Bus 2 (East) – Oconto, Green Bay, Fond du Lac, Beaver Dam stops
  • Bus 3 (Milwaukee/South) – Milwaukee, Janesville, Burlington stops

Adult Advisors

4-H Volunteers are invited to apply to be Summer Academy Adult Advisors now through March 15th.  Adult advisors will help create a safe, welcoming environment for our youth during Summer Academy on the UW-Madison Campus.  

Young Adult Leaders: We are also recruiting for the Young Adult Leader role. This position is geared toward college students, 4-H alum, and young professionals with a preferred age of 19-25. This role will work closely with adult advisors to support our youth participants while also partnering with youth leaders to deliver educational content. A stipend will be available for this role. Please promote on behalf of our team using the Young Adult Leader position description. Interested applicants can apply using the Wisconsin 4-H: Statewide Educational Experiences, Adult Advisor Application.

These volunteers will have the opportunity to fill several key roles during our week in Madison, including:

  • Lead Floor Advisor
  • Dorm Monitor
  • Theater/Assembly Monitor
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Recreation Supervisor

Additional application information is available here:

Trainings, as well as an on-site orientation, are a vital part of being an Adult Advisor for this program. Additional training requirements will be posted soon.

This program is supported by the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation.  For more information please go to

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