Aerospace Project

What is it All About?

Think about the excitement that accompanies dreams of sending a rocket into space, making a first solo flight, becoming an astronaut, or someday visiting other planets. In the aerospace projects, you will enjoy learning more about your dreams through hands-on experiences. Members can explore their fascination with flying an airplane, launching a rocket, conquering space, and becoming an astronaut or pilot with this project.

Grow in Your Project


  • Make paper airplanes
  • Identify different types of aircraft
  • Learn how weather affects flying
  • Learn star constellations and their stories


  • Make and launch model rockets
  • Learn the forces that act on a rocket
  • Experiment with roll, pitch, and yaw
  • Build a balloon shuttle


  • Use engineering principles to design your own air- and space-crafts
  • Construct an altitude tracker
  • Learn pilot certification requirements
  • Learn about airport issues in across Wisconsin

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Take Your Project Further!

  • Attend a star-gazing program at a planetarium
  • Explore an aerospace career using online resources
  • Shadow an airline employee for one day
  • Attend an aerospace event or camp
  • Visit a local airport and have a pilot and/or mechanic talk about flying
  • Look for opportunities to take the ground school portion of a flight training class
  • Visit with an aircraft maintenance engineer to learn about aircraft maintenance
  • Take a flight with a flight instructor
  • Compete in the Rocket Launch Contest at Showcase Showdown

Statewide Events and Opportunities

Space Camp (Grades 6-8)

Advanced Space Academy (Grades 10-12)

Applying Project Skills to Life

Enhance Your Communication Skills

  • Do a presentation about life on the International Space Station
  • Demonstrate what it takes to build a model airplane
  • Compare paper airplanes, how to make them and how they work
  • Demonstrate glider flight capabilities
  • Interview a pilot

Get Involved in Citizenship and Service

  • Organize a rocket launch
  • Organize a kite-flying contest
  • Volunteer at an airport or airshow
  • Create a model airplane display for a showcase at a public location like an airport, library, museum, nursing home

Learn about Leadership

  • Teach younger kids to make model rockets
  • Bring your club to the local airport to learn more about airplanes and pilots
  • Lead a star-gazing session at an evening workshop or camp

Showing What You’ve Learned

  • Make a poster on parts of an airplane or a rocket and their function
  • Create a display on different types of aircraft and what they are used for
  • Make a poster about the forces that act on an airplane or a rocket
  • Chart the moon and make a display about how the moon affects the earth
  • Make a poster about constellations and when you can see them
  • Exhibit a model rocket you built from a kit
  • Exhibit a model rocket you build from your own design
  • Demonstrate how whether affects flying
  • Create a display comparing birds and airplanes
  • Create a typical pilots log and explain why it’s important
  • Demonstrate different types of aerodynamics on kite flying
  • Research hot air balloons and how they work
  • Engineer a model glider and create a display of your engineering process and outcomes
  • Build a model airplane from a kit or your own design
  • Create a poster with pictures of places you’ve visited, your first plane ride, programs you’ve participated in, types of planes, etc.
  • Build any other model (helicopter, etc.)
  • Design, make, and display your own paper airplanes
  • Design and build a kite from a kit
  • Design and build a kite on your own without using a kit
  • Make a model of the cockpit of an airplane. Build and fly a remote control airplane

Adapted with permission from Wyoming State 4-H, Project Information Sheet, Aerospace. Retrieved from:

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