STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects are one of the core areas of focus for the Wisconsin 4-H Program. Activities and projects are available (but vary by county Extension office) in aerospace and rocketry, electricity and computer coding, robotics, blacksmithing, automotive maintenance, aquatic science and more.

4-H stem educator shows a young girl something on the computer

In the 4-H Tech Changemakers Project, teens help others learn about technology. An Hour of Code event was held in Green Bay where over 40 elementary school-aged children learned about computer coding using the Minecraft gaming platform.

Are you interested in robotics, coding or space science? Wisconsin 4-H offers several learning resources that enable anyone to get started in STEM.


Joanna M. Skluzacek
Associate Professor, 4-H Stem Specialist
(608) 265-2949


More Project Ideas

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