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4-H Shooting Sports is a national program involving 4-H youth and adult 4-H volunteers. The Wisconsin 4-H program uses the National 4-H Shooting Sports curriculum to teach shooting sports safety to more than 5,000 youth with over 400 adult volunteer instructors across the state. Adult instructors are required to successfully complete a twelve-hour certification workshop before they are approved to teach youth. Our educational focus is on life skills development, safety procedures and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment.

4-H shooting sports educator demonstrating proper form The Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports program in your area is geared for teaching beginning target shooting skills for youth at junior, intermediate and senior levels. Beginners learn basic skills through the County 4-H Shooting Sports program, advance to fun shoots within the county, progress to statewide invitational events and have the opportunity to make the Wisconsin National 4-H Shooting Sports Team competing at the National 4-H Championships at Grand Island, Nebraska.

Interested in shooting sports, hunting and wildlife? The Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports program is open to 4-H youth ages 8 (must be in 3rd grade) to 19. Contact your county’s UW-Extension Office for more information about shooting sports opportunities in your area.


Doug Thompson, Coordinator

Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports

Extension, Brown County

Room 113, 2019 Technology Way

Green Bay, WI 54311

920-391-4657 (desk)

920-391-4610 (office M-F)

920-391-4617 (fax)

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