Looking for Project Resources?

Remember the Positive Youth Development (PYD) Media Collection!

The Media Collection is a library of educational tools that can be borrowed from anywhere in the state. Most of the materials are for learning in the Animal Science project areas, but there are others.

Visit the PYD Media Collection website to see what is available. You will find displays, skillathons, learning lab kits, interactive CDs, DVDs, and more. Project materials include horse, dairy, livestock, small animal, and some arts.

It’s easy for youth leaders and volunteers to request materials directly. Use the online form on the website. Check out process:

  • Request materials online 10 business days before the date needed.
  • The State 4-H Office will mail resources to the person who made the request at the address submitted.
  • Materials must be returned by mail or in-person delivery by the date on request form.
  • Return postage is the responsibility of the person who makes the request. Plan for how to pay for postage before requesting materials.

There is no cost to order materials for Extension-sponsored programs, including 4-H project groups. To find out more about the PYD Media Collection, visit the website. Contact Monica Lobenstein, Learning Resources Specialist, monica.lobenstein@wisc.edu or 715-896-0377, with questions.

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