Virtual Learning Community, Need to Enroll

Event Registration (Not already enrolled)

VLC Participants do NOT need to be 4-H members, but they will need to use the 4-H Online system to register for events.  Use the following instructions to register as a first time user.

  1. Go to
  2. Click to create a new account and select Wisconsin, then choose Wisconsin 4-H youth development.
  3. Select the county you live in
  4. Complete required information
  5. Verify your address
  6. This completes your family profile, now you need to add a member/members
  7. Click 4-H as the program you would like to join
  8. Complete member information and demographics
  9. Choose I want to participate in a 4-H activity (non-4-H member)
  10. Click on events, and choose event.
  11. After you register as a participant once, you will be able to log on with that information and join more events.

View instructions with step by step screenshots (participant).

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