Resources for Specialized Volunteers

Adult Helpers or Guest Speakers

man and girl standing in creek with netSome volunteers may have a special skill, interest, or passion they want to share with young people through 4-H, but they don’t want to make a long-term commitment to volunteering with the organization. They may only wish to participate one or two times. That’s okay! 4-H welcomes those who may have limited time to share with young people.

A few things one-time volunteers may need to know:

  • Adult helpers or guest speakers must be paired with at least one currently enrolled 4-H volunteer who has been trained and approved through the Volunteers in
  • Preparation process. Depending on the number of youth participating, you may need to work with multiple 4-H volunteers.
  • Positive youth development is the goal of 4-H programs. If you share content knowledge and expertise, the positive youth development goal is building life skills, such as understanding self and others, communicating, decision making, responsibility, and others.
  • Safety and risk management are a top priority in 4-H programs. If you have questions or concerns about the safety of the setting where you are volunteering, you are encouraged to speak with a staff person or enrolled volunteer.

If, after one or two experiences volunteering with 4-H, you decide that you would like to continue volunteering with the organization, learn more about the process to Become a Volunteer.

Chaperone Resources

Being a chaperone can be a big responsibility, even as it is extremely rewarding. As the adults who help supervise and support young people during educational opportunities, chaperones must understand the expectations that 4-H and the youth have of them.

Learn more about the guidelines for Chaperones.

Several policy items help govern chaperone’s eligibility and responsibilities. Visit Wisconsin 4-H Volunteer Policies to read more.

2 girls with archery bowsShooting Sports Volunteers

Explore opportunities for shooting sports certification workshops, information for leaders, and general resources on the Shooting Sports web page. Please also review the Shooting Sports project policies.

Financial/Fundraising Volunteers

For volunteers who have a role related to 4-H finances or fundraising, please make sure to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the Money Management web page for volunteers. There, you will find links to  Wisconsin 4-H’s Financial Policies, financial handbook, and fundraising guidance.

For additional information, visit:

Support Extension