How to Start a New 4-H Club

Thank you for thinking about starting a new 4-H club! Volunteers who take this step are dedicated and have a chance to bring the excitement of 4-H to young people in their community.

Here are a few things to consider:

Are you a registered 4-H volunteer?

Becoming a 4-H volunteer is an important first step. The volunteer training process provides a lot of important background and support information that can help as you get started on this club journey.

What is your club setting?

4-H Clubs can be based in the community, in school, or in afterschool programs. Making sure you have interest and support in the setting for the club can help ensure success.

Who else might want to help?

Being a Club Leader can be a big job. More adult and older youth helpers can help to share the work of getting a club started. They can also help get more young people interested in joining.

Getting Started

When you are ready to get started, contact the local Extension Educator to find out more about how to get started. They will be able to provide support and a New 4-H Club Starter Kit. Kits include:

  • Marketing materials
  • Background information for volunteers
  • Ways to get others involved
  • Agendas for the first six meeting agendas to involve youth in naming and planning for the club
  • And more

The New Club Starter Kit and your local Educator can help you and the club get a good, strong start and build for long-term success.

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