Drama Company Youth Position Description

The 4-H Drama Company is comprised of high school youth leaders from all over Wisconsin.  Included in the Drama Company are actors, assistants to the director, and technicians.  Drama Company members work to learn directing and teaching techniques, and create a show to be performed for youth & adults attending the Summer Academy.  Additionally, members share the skills and knowledge gained at the local club and county levels.


  1. Must be an enrolled 4-H member in good standing in grades 9-13 at the time of application.
  2. Must be mature and responsible.
  3. Strong theatre arts skills preferred.
  4. Must be able to attend part or all of the State Teams Planning Weekend, April 12-14, 2024.
  5. Must be able to participate in all of Summer Academy, June 20-27, 2024.
  6. Must have one adult, who isn’t a family member, complete the recommendation form before you complete your application. No letters of recommendation are needed.
  7. Applications are due by January 15th and need to include one completed recommendation form. See Application Procedures Below.


  1. Participate in Spring Planning Weekend, April 12-14, 2024 (Upham Woods)
  2. Must be able to participate in the Summer Academy, June 20-27, 2024
  3. Participate in any scheduled Drama Company Training during Summer Academy.
  4. Develop an original performance to be presented to participants during one of the academy assemblies.
  5. Maintain decorum in all university settings at all times.
  6. Participate in program evaluations at end of Summer Academy.


  1. Opportunity to work and share ideas with a team of 4-H youth and adults that is committed to quality and positive youth development.
  2. Opportunity to work in the UW-Madison campus setting.
  3. Advance skills in a variety of Theatre Arts disciplines.


State team registration will be $700/participant and includes all expenses (meals and lodging) for a three-day, two-night 4-H Spring Planning Weekend (April 12-14, 2024) and 9-day, 8-night programming week in Madison (June 20 – 27, 2024), and programming materials. Cost should not be a barrier to applying – please reach out to your local county 4-H educator and/or WI 4-H Educational Programs Coordinator, Laura Pine (lpine@wisc.edu), to ask about financial support through scholarship funds.

Application Procedures

Applicant must complete and submit an application form electronically by January 15, 2024. Please read application information and instructions on this site before completing the online application.  The application is located at https://23wi4hdco.4honline.com.

For more information email 4-H Drama Company Director Jay Johnson at jjohnson@sasd.net or Laura Pine at lpine@wisc.edu.

Position Description: Actor

Actors are 4-H members interested in being onstage for productions. Actors develop and act out the script in conjunction with other members of the Drama Company. Actors may also assist with technical aspects of the production. Actors are individuals interested in working hard and putting on the best performance possible. They are not interested in drawing attention to themselves, but are there for the best interests of the team and the production.

Position Description: Technician

Technicians are 4-H members with a sincere interest in scene design, construction, lighting, and sound. Technicians learn how effects are developed and the importance of technical elements to the production. Technicians are individuals who are innovative, responsible, eager to learn, cooperative, reliable, and capable of working on tasks on their own without constant supervision.

Position Description: Assistant to the Director

Assistants to the Director (AD’s) are 4-H members who have participated in Drama Companies in the past and have demonstrated leadership abilities. AD’s learn about directing, acting, coordination, and group management skills. AD’s are responsible for taking notes during rehearsals, leading select training and warm up activities, and are actively involved in assisting in the coordination of all aspects of the Drama Company’s work.

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