State 4-H Horse Bowl and Hippology Contest

2022 Horse Bowl & Hippology Contests

TBD: June 2022

Dodge County Fairgrounds

The 4-H Horse Bowl provides an opportunity for youth in grades 3-13 and enrolled in 4-H horse projects to demonstrate their knowledge of equine-related subject matter in a competitive setting. These contests provide an educational experience for both participants and spectators.

Youth answer questions in teams of 3 or 4 members and compete against other teams in the same class. Senior class competitors also complete a written exam on their knowledge.

These events consist of quiz-style questions about the following topics: Nutrition and Feed, Health and Diseases, History, Evolution and Breeds, Reproduction and Genetics, Anatomy, and Showmanship Basics.

4-H Horse Educational Guidelines

The Wisconsin State 4-H Horse Bowl and Hippology Contest is part of the Wisconsin 4-H Horse Association Education Days Event.

See additional details in Horse Handbook section


2021 Hippology Results Beginners

2021 Hippology Results Juniors

2021 Hippology Results Seniors

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