Horse Project

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What is it All About?

The 4-H horse project can provide youth with the opportunity to learn about care, selection, management, health, marketing and careers in the equine industry. Learn the basic principles of animal science by caring for, working with, keeping records or owning a horse. Explore knowledge of sound management, nutrition, reproduction and selection practices. Discover how you can start a career in the equine industry.

Grow in Your Project

Starting Out

  • Learn about basic horse care
  • Identify the parts of a horse
  • Learn breeds of horses
  • Learn about genetics and heredity of horses
  • Investigate horse diseases

Learning More

  • Learn the basics of trail riding
  • Check horse vital signs
  • Learn how to mount and dismount safely
  • Communicate with your horse
  • Practice horsemanship maneuvers

Going Further

  • Research and purchase show clothing
  • Improve a show horse’s appearance
  • Improve your showmanship pattern
  • Learn riding patterns
  • Evaluate ethics in competitive situations


  • Giddy Up & Go, Level 1 (08053)*
  • Head, Heart & Hooves, Level 2 (08054)*
  • Stable Relationships, Level 3 (08055)*
  • Riding the Range, Level 4 (08056)*
  • Jumping to New Heights, Level 5 (08057)*
  • Horse Helper’s Guide, Level 6 (08058)*
  • Horses & Horsemanship (CO220)*
  • Horse Science (CO221)*

Take Your Project Further!

  • Attend a horse show, rodeo or other horse event
  • Visit a horse farm, horse training facility, horse boarding facility, etc
  • Participate in the Horse Bowl
  • Visit a local tack shop or horse supply store
  • Create a collection of horse showmanship and horsemanship patterns
  • Research horse-related careers
  • Participate in your County Horse Judging team and compete at the County Fair
  • Participate in your county Hippology Team and compete at the County Fair
  • Participate in a Hunt & Dressage Show or the Gymkhana

Applying Project Skills to Life

Enhance Your Communication Skills

  • Present a demonstration about parts of a horse
  • Present a riding safety session at a 4-H event
  • Give oral reasons as part of a horse judging team

Get Involved in Citizenship and Service

  • Participate or organize a charitable trail ride of benefit show
  • Set an example of safe riding by wearing a helmet when riding your horse
  • Collaborate with others to provide a horse therapy event for disabled youth

Learn about Leadership

  • Organize a trail ride for your fellow 4-H project members
  • Organize a tack swap for 4-H members
  • Conduct a show horse grooming clinic

Showing What You’ve Learned

  • Participate in the 4-H Horse Show
  • Make a poster about color markings
  • Make horse treats
  • Make a display of horse body parts
  • Design your own patterns
  • Make a display of horse diseases
  • Design a horse stable
  • Make a poster on the history of horses or a particular horse breed
  • Make a video of horse body language
  • Make your own horse clothing
  • Create a horse first aid kit
  • Create a horse supply price chart
  • Make a poster of the different types of tack you might use
  • Create a poster of different types of saddles and their use
  • Display of appropriate riding attire

Adapted with permission from Wyoming State 4-H, Project Information Sheet, Horse. Retrieved from:

*Resources available at your local Extension office or

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