Wisconsin 4-H is Thriving: Connecting Our Programs to the National Thriving Model

Did you know the Science behind 4-H is Positive Youth Development? The 4-H Thriving Model is a theory of change for positive youth development in 4-H. The model illustrates the process of positive youth development in 4-H programs by connecting high quality program settings to the promotion of youth thriving. Watch a short video and access a tip sheet to find out more about how you can promote youth to thrive.

The Positive Youth Development approach is used by 4-H educators to intentionally create high quality programs that support youth to thrive. If you would like to learn more check out this short video that provides a framework for positive youth development. https://youtu.be/gsLrQAFC_-I?si=TwUd7uRsXJCKQW4E Want to learn more about supporting youth to thrive? Check out this tip sheet on Openness to Challenge and Discovery: Openness to Challenge and Discovery

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