Project Support for Your Sparks

Youth who join 4-H are often excited about the many, many projects they can choose to explore. There are so many Sparks (or things they want to learn about)! Yet, if their Spark doesn’t have a local project leader to support their learning, that excitement can turn to questions. They may not know how to get started on their own.

Clover to the rescue!! Clover is an online smorgasbord of sparks, interactive activities, and fun. It was created by the National 4-H Council in collaboration with more than 100 universities throughout the United States. And it’s FREE and ready for youth, parents, and educators to dive into.

To start exploring:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a login
  3. Click on activities
  4. Search for your Sparks

It’s that simple. In Clover, you can connect with others in your club or group, track your progress through pins and achievements, and best of all, explore your Sparks! Most activities can be accessed in different formats (interactive online, basic webpage, or download PDF), making access flexible based on your local needs and bandwidth.

An honest note about the site:

  • Is Clover perfect? No.
  • Might there be moments of frustration as you learn to navigate the system? Most likely.
  • Does it get easier as you go? Yes.
  • Is the content worth it? Absolutely!

No project leader? No problem. Have fun exploring your Sparks with Clover!

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