Welcome Green Lake County 4-H Educator, Brandon Springer

We are excited to introduce Brandon Springer as the new 4-H Program Educator for Green Lake County. Brandon started on August 14, 2023 and he is very excited to start working with the 4-Hers across the county.

Brandon grew up in Waterloo, Wisconsin and was involved in Jefferson and Dodge County 4-H programs. During that time, Brandon fell in love with 4-H Summer Camp as a camper and returned as a counselor for both Dodge County and Upham Woods’ Open Enrollment camps. Starting in 2019, he was a naturalist and volunteer at Upham Woods helping to provide youth development opportunities at summer camp programs to various 4-H and other groups as they attended. In this role, Brandon was able to help with the counselor training program work to create a more equitable camp experience.

While Brandon was not working at Upham Woods, he was attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with an additional major in Education Studies. Brandon is super excited to take on the task of providing safe, fun, and educational programming to the 4-H community in Green Lake County.

Let’s welcome Brandon to our Wisconsin 4-H and Positive Youth Development Institute! He can be reached at brandon.springer@wisc.edu.

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