2023 State Judging Contests Comes to an End

The 2023 State Dairy and Livestock Judging Contests have come to an end for this year. We had over 200 members participate in the state contests. State Dairy Judging was July 16th at the Dodge County Fairgrounds, and State Livestock Judging was July 24th at the Lodi Agricultural Fairgrounds.

Members qualified for the contest by placing high at Area Animal Science Days back in June. Dairy judging members were to place 8 classes of different breeds and ages, along with give 3 sets of reasons and answer Type Analysis Questions (TAQ’s) at Area Animal Science Days. Same went for Livestock, they placed 10 classes of different livestock species, answered questions on the class, and gave 2 sets of reasons.

At the state contest, both dairy and livestock placed a few more classes, answered more questions and gave 4 sets of reasons (dairy) and 3 sets (livestock). In livestock, in the junior division, the members were also asked to give one set of reasons to prepare them for when they become seniors.

A huge thank you goes out to the breeders and producers that brought their animals to the state contests for the members to judge. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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