The Results are in for Area Animal Science Days!

Area Animal Science Days for 2023 have come to an end! We had over 500 youth who participated in the 4 AASD sites across the state of Wisconsin.

Sites were in Wood, Iowa, Crawford, and Barron counties. We would like to share a HUGE thank you to those counties for hosting the event this year, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of each county! Another HUGE thank you to Bernie O’Rourke, Amanda Cauffman, Ted Halbach, and Ashley Yager, for helping put together the dairy and livestock portions of the contests.

Stay tuned for state results coming up soon! State Dairy contest is July 17th at the Dodge County Fairgrounds, and State Livestock is July 24th at the Lodi Fairgrounds.

Full Press Releases and Results

Wood County AASD



Barron County AASD

Press here for the list of full results from AASD

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