Harvest of the Moon Resources Available

If your spring or summer 4-H program includes gardening and/or improving access to fresh produce, check out this state resource available to educators and volunteers interested in focusing on Wisconsin harvests.

Harvest of the Moon was inspired by all the tribes and First Nations people working to strengthen their Indigenous food systems. It was created as a part of a Menominee County/Nation project named Kemāmaceqtaq: We’re all Moving. The project focuses on increasing access to Indigenous foods and to safe locations for physical activity.

Harvest of the Moon program materials include:

  • A Menominee Harvest of the Moon poster featuring all 13 moons and foods, intended to be hung in cafeterias and/or kitchens
  • A Menominee Harvest of the Moon poster for each month featuring the food, the Menominee and English name, the Menominee moon that correlates with the month and phases of the moon, traditional recipes, learning activities, and Menominee teachings around each food
  • Supplemental materials, including tips to adapt activities to virtual learning and coloring sheets

These materials can be used in a variety of community settings, including schools, afterschool programs, senior meal sites, 4-H meetings, recreation centers, and other sites.

To access Harvest of the Moon materials, visit https://healthyliving.extension.wisc.edu/programs/harvest-of-the-moon/

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