Cloverbud Resources and Tipsheet

Cloverbuds (4-H members K-2nd grade) are energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to learn. Are you looking for some great ideas, resources, and tips for providing amazing activities for Cloverbuds? Several Wisconsin Positive Youth Development Educators and 4-H Educators created the perfect tool for you. Here are some great resources:

Year 1 Activity Plans: Better Bubbles, Build a Snack Mix, Building a Web, Edible Color Wheel, Make a Mini Greenhouse, Paper Bag Pet Parade, Pop-up Greetings, See the Wind, and Wake Up Your Tastebuds

Year 2 Activity Plans: Eggsplorer, Giant’s Breakfast, Relaxation Gardens, Soggy Science, Super Senses, Superhero in You, Tasty Groundwater, Thumb-body, and Winter Birds.

Year 3 Activity Plans: Animals of All Ages, Be the Story Solver, Dragons & Damsels, Learning by Doing, Our Bodies Talk, Outdoor Mindful Minis, Saving for What, Science of Felting, Science of Sound

Many Cloverbud project leaders also enjoy the many activities available from Ohio 4-H in The Ohio State Big Book of Cloverbud Activities ($19.75)

Also available for a small fee are some resources at Shop 4-H Cloverbud Curriculum

Now that you have so many incredible ideas, you will be ready to go have some fun helping Cloverbuds learn!

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