New Training: Building Safe Spaces

Keeping youth and volunteers safe is our #1 priority, and we have new training for volunteers to help ensure we are providing safe learning environments. Read on for details on the new Building Safe Spaces training!

We are revamping our training for volunteers over the next two years. The updated training series will include Extension policies and best practices. Our goal is a streamlined process that is easier for volunteers to complete while also providing information that will help keep both youth and adult volunteers safe. The first training, Building Safe Spaces, is now open! If you are already enrolled and approved as a volunteer, you will not be required to take the training until September of 2023. All new or returning volunteers that enroll on or after December 1, 2022, will be required to take the training. However, anyone is welcome to complete the training.

Building Safe Spaces is an interactive online training that works best on a computer or laptop, but can also be accessed on a mobile device and offline. Once accessed you can complete the training in three short modules. Each module takes approximately 10 minutes (15 minutes in Spanish). If you need to stop, you can pick up where you left off.

Building Safe Spaces is designed to give volunteers the tools to keep youth safe. In three short modules, volunteers and staff members will learn to:

  • Identify activities that put youth in danger
  • Explore ways to keep youth safe in Extension programs
  • Understand appropriate and inappropriate physical touch

Updated trainings are required to share new policies and best practices. These trainings are designed to give you the tools to be successful Extension volunteers and keep you and the youth you work with, safe.

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