Wisconsin 4-H Policy…Let’s Take a Closer Look!

The Wisconsin 4-H Program is always evolving and we want to provide clear guidance to our leaders and members to ensure safety, and security and support your efforts with our young people. In an effort to do this, this feature article will take a closer look at the Wisconsin 4-H Policies each month. Check out the updates, reminders, and information here monthly!

4-H Membership and Residency:

Youth can be a member of more than one 4-H club at the same time as long as the 4-H clubs are chartered through the same county 4-H program.

Youth can only hold 4-H membership in one county or state at the same time. Youth moving from one place to another can transfer their 4-H membership to the new county/state.

Youth can be a 4-H member in a county or state that is different from their county or state of residence.

All Wisconsin 4-H Policies are accessible at: https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/resources/wisconsin-4-h-policies/

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