Welcome Elizabeth Vazquez to Racine County and Wisconsin 4-H

Elizabeth Vazquez started working as the Racine County 4-H Program Educator on July 11, 2022. Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and taught in the Kenosha Unified School district as a 4K/Early Childhood Teacher. Throughout her teaching career, she became involved with the curriculum planning committee, and the professional development committee, and realized she wanted to start working with adults. She went back to school and got her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. Elizabeth is married to her husband, Erik, and they just welcomed a new baby, Lola, in February. Elizabeth has many personal ties to 4-H, and hopes to carry on this strong tradition, while continuing to improve opportunities and potential for the Racine County clubs to reach as far as they can to welcome every type of member.

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