CWF 2022 Delegate Recap!

This year’s delegation to Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) in Washington DC, had the opportunity to experience the CWF program and visit Washington DC during the Fourth of July. Delegates got to experience a wide variety of workshops and sight seeing in DC. Here are some quotes from those who were able to participate in this week-long educational experience!

“Wow! What a week! Whether it was seeing the constitution, our night at the Kennedy Center where we watched ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ making new friends, or walking 40 miles, this is a week that we will not soon forget. All of the delegates want to thank our adult advisors who were always working hard to make the experience the best that it could be. We are also so thankful to our amazing bus driver Bob who entertained us with stories and who was always there for a good laugh. Thanks again to everyone who worked hard to make this trip happen. We have truly made memories that will last a lifetime! ” –the delegates on the bus the longest

My name is Juniper Rydberg I am from Portage county. My favorite part of the trip was meeting new people and making friends. Though this trip I have met some amazing leaders that will surely make a difference one day. I got to learn so many things from all of them from just their happy attitude to others wanting to be president and in the white house one day. I am so grateful for all of the people I met and the lessons they taught me. I’m going to miss my DC family.” 

Thank you to everyone who helped organize and fund this trip. I can speak for everyone when I say we had a blast. Whether when we were exploring Washington D.C. monuments, museums, or participating workshops there was no room for boredom and little room for rest. A couple things I learned from this trip were that in 1910 an African American boxer named Jack Johnson defeated James J. Jeffries who was a white boxer. Johnsons victory led to a riot among the fans. Another thing I learned was The Declaration of Independence is not locked up the way national treasure describes it in the movie. I also learned that Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio so he had to use a wheelchair. However, he didn’t want anyone to see he used a wheelchair because he believed it showed that he was weak and he didn’t want American citizens to think that.” — Connor

My name is Alex from Burnett County. So far traveling has been filled with wonderful singing and sleepy people. I learned that the people on the bus are people we may never see again and we are cherishing these several hours we have left together as a family. I hope to see you all again in the future.”

Hi my name is Grace Maguire from Wood County, during the closing ceremony we heard the highlights of the other states week. Each PA gave a speech about there delegation group, which was quite interesting and fun. To top off the whole week, we had a really fun dance, which was a great way to wrap up the whole week. Also the dance taught me more about peoples personalities. As the trip ended I realized how much we actually learned and accomplished. My favorite part was the dance and my least favorite part was the trip ending.”

We are glad to have our CWF delegates back in Wisconsin and are hopeful that they will share what they have learned with their local program. We hope to see you join us on the CWF experience in the future!

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