4-H Science Expeditions – Trip to UW-Madison

Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Racine County held 4-H Science Nights in March which consisted of 11 sessions for youth to attend to the wonders and excitement of science virtually. To follow up, Waukesha and Milwaukee offered youth a chance to discover science and DNA in person on a day trip to UW-Madison. 60 youth and over 10 adult volunteers attended 4-H Science Expeditions on March 7th. Youth and volunteers got to explore the DC Smith GreenHouse, Allen Centennial Garden, The Energy Institute, and do Hands -On DNA Science at Genetics Biotech Center. Youth had the chance to ask scientists and college students about science and college experiences. UW-Madison gave an opportunity to show youth there are many different types of interests out there to discover.

Here is a link to the Biotechnology Center: https://biotech.wisc.edu/
Here is a link to the DC Smith GreenHouse: https://dcsmithgreenhouse.cals.wisc.edu/
Here is a link to the Allen Centennial Garden: https://allencentennialgarden.wisc.edu/
Here is a link to the Energy Institute: https://energy.wisc.edu/

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