Thank YOU for Making a Difference!

Dear Wisconsin 4-H Volunteers,

Never forget that YOU make a difference, and YOU are appreciated!

We see your dedication to the youth of Wisconsin and the 4-H program. We see your advocacy, your caring, and your passion. We see your enthusiasm for the 4-H program and your belief in its impact on the young people of today and those to come in the years ahead. We thank you for all that you give, invest, and do for the youth and communities you serve.

The seeds you are planting today will grow into beautiful flowers in the days, months, and years to come. The youth you encourage to stand up and speak at today’s 4-H meeting could be a future community leader. The project meeting you lead today could inspire a youth to select a future career. The inclusive 4-H club you help develop could provide a youth a sense of belonging they are not finding in other areas of their life. Because of all you do, youth in Wisconsin 4-H have positive adult role models, a place to belong, a place to engage their curiosity and explore their sparks, and the opportunity to discover their voice and meaningfully contribute to their communities.

Thank you for forming the foundation of the Wisconsin 4-H program. Alone, any of us can only do so much, but together we can build a beautiful world where youth grow, thrive, and flourish. Thank you for being part of this community.

With the Greatest of Gratitude,

The Wisconsin 4-H Staff Team

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