Announcing Community Marks the Spot: The 3rd Annual Service Learning Project

The 3rd Annual Wisconsin Service Learning Project is called Community Marks the Spot. It’s a place-based project where youth can highlight something about their community that’s important to them. Place-based projects are hands-on, real-world learning experiences. They help youth:

  • Connect with their community.
  • Appreciate the natural world.
  • See themselves as active contributing citizens.
  • Do better in school.

What It Is: In this project, youth will plan a non-competitive game that takes players to different locations around their community, like a scavenger hunt. The locations they choose will highlight a special theme the youth want to learn more about, strengthening their sense of belonging and ownership in their community.

What We’ll Learn: This project will help youth and community members connect with their geography, appreciate and respect the natural world, see themselves as active contributing citizens, and learn skills in planning and organizing events.

This project is highly adaptable and flexible to the themes, needs, and resources that each community has. It will help youth apply critical thinking to involving the larger public needs in events, as well as, provide a real-world, hands-on activity that can bring experiential awareness to whatever focus youth feel important. It’s a great opportunity for youth-adult partnerships!

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