4-H Wants YOU to be YOU

4-H Needs YOU to be YOU | 4-H necesita que tu seas tu | 4-H xav kom Koj yog Koj

Have you heard about Chris Clover and the Wisconsin 4-H Movement? Hopefully, you have and are ready to join in on Chris Clover’s next adventure. This time it’s all about YOU. We hope you’ll help us learn something new through the “We Want You To Be You Shirt Design Challenge.”

The Challenge
We’re excited to learn about what is important to YOU in this new challenge. We hope you’ll help us by designing a shirt for Chris Clover so we can share with everyone else! Here’s more information:

Design Contest Poster (PDF)

Design Contest Poster (digital)

Here’s what to do:

Download the Chris Clover shirt template from the options below, or if you want to create your own or free draw, please do!

    1. PDF Printable
    2. Digital Graphic (PNG Transparent)
    3. Digital Graphic (PNG white)
    4. Digital Graphic (Adobe Illustrator editable)
    5. Create your shirt about a cause, project, history, anything important to you.

Write about your shirt and any information or resources you have that will help others learn. Submit your design at http://bit.ly/wi4hmovementpic

We can’t wait to learn about what is important to you! For more information about Chris Clover and The Wisconsin 4-H Movement, please visit http://cc.wi4h.org.

Designs must uphold the values of Wisconsin 4-H and may need to be edited to fit the Chris Clover design. By submitting a design, you agree for it to be used on social media and for promotional and educational purposes.

For communicative accommodations in languages other than English, please contact oaic@extension.wisc.edu.

Para pedir adecuaciones para la comunicación en un idioma distinto al inglés, favor de comunicarse con: oaic@extension.wisc.edu.

Rau kev sib tham pab cuam rau qhov lwm yam lus ntawm lus As Kiv (English), thov sau ntawv rau: oaic@extension.wisc.edu.

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