Learn Together, Lead Together: Youth-Adult Partnerships Annual Training

Join Wisconsin 4-H in a year-long experience – Learn Together, Lead Together: Youth-Adult Partnerships! The next and final session is:

January 31, 2022 Building Equal Roles, Voices and Participation

Learn more how YOU can grow your youth – adult partnership skills. Get your youth engaged in this action, share what works for you, and try on new and practical ideas in your clubs and groups.

Over 250 attended the first training and 87% found at least one idea they will try in the next 3 months. Common themes included were reframing negative thoughts into positive ones, how to invite others to lead, and how to create a welcoming space for them to share their thoughts and ideas. The most commonly used practical idea was the “If-Then” game. Reach out to your educator or other volunteers to learn more.

If you joined us in November, you’re welcome to come back in January for new content and new ideas! Trainings are designed to bring together youth and adult leaders, and provide easy to use strategies, activities and ideas during your 4-H experiences. Watch for local information from your county educator on how YOU and YOUR CLUB can join us!

Do you have a successful youth-adult partnership story to share? Tell us all about it here! https://forms.gle/s9Cdx8UME8YL63p76

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