Statewide Educational Programs Update for 2022

As we look forward to fall and winter, we’d like to share some educational program plans and updates. Considerations included: staff vacancies, changing COVID situation, and overall program priorities.

4-H Arts

State Art Teams (Arts and Drama) –Applications for the Drama Company and Art Team will be available mid-October through 4H Online.  Think about young leaders you work with who may be interested in furthering their leadership and artistic skills as members of our State Teams.

State Arts Camp and ArtBEAT! – Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a State Arts Camp in October.  With the COVID Restrictions at Upham Woods at the end of the summer and our current state staff situation, the timeline for training counselors and planning for camp made it prohibitive for 2021.

State & National Educational Experiences

Youth Conference (Tentative 2022)

For the past several years, there has been a lot of discussion around WI 4-H & Youth Conference.  A team of staff members, youth leaders and volunteers will develop new goals for an educational experience built around youth sparks and connected to Post-Secondary Pathways.

We are hopeful that in 2022 we will be able to offer a youth conference back on the UW-Madison Campus with a renewed focus and direction.

National 4-H Congress (In-Person November 2021)

We are excited youth leaders will travel to Atlanta, GA in November.   We will learn from this in person overnight experience as we plan for 2022.

National 4-H Conference  (Spring 2022)

National 4-H Conference will happen in the spring of 2022; we do not have details. Applications for National 4-H Conference will be available soon through 4H Online, with selection in early 2022.   Youth in grades 10-12 can apply.

American Spirit  (Tentative 2022)

The American Spirit experience is an educational experience largely planned and facilitated by a group of volunteers and staff. State staff will be meeting with the American Spirit Planning Committee to review options.

Information regarding American Spirit 2022 should be ready by late October.

Space Camp  (Not Offered in 2022)

WI 4-H will not be offering Space Camp in 2022.  We evaluated the educational impacts on many levels, and although the program meets a variety of youth development needs and engages middle school youth in meaningful and powerful ways, we are looking at how and if it fits with our overall STEM programming goals and objectives.

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) (In Person Summer 2022)

National 4-H Council plans to hold a Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) in Washington DC next summer.  Wisconsin tentatively plans to travel with delegations during (June 4-12, 2022) and (July 2-10, 2022). Registration for CWF should open in November for eligible youth. Check the CWF website details.

WI State Fair Youth Expo Exhibits

There have been  many questions about the process for nominating and selecting exhibits for WI State Fair.  Youth Expo is run by the WI State Fair.  We understand participating in the Youth Expo has provided recognition and acknowledgement of outstanding 4-H project work statewide.

If you are interested in being part of a team of youth leaders, adult volunteers and staff to to meet with WI State Fair Staff e-mail Amber Rehberg at

We believe ALL of these educational programs are valuable and make a difference in the lives of the participants and the WI 4-H Program.  Unfortunately, our current situation does not allow us to offer some of them in 2022.  As new state staff are hired, programs will be re-evaluated based on program direction, priorities, and staff capacity.

Many young people were selected to represent Wisconsin 4-H during COVID.  We want to honor commitments and we need to be sensitive to specific program goals and objectives.  As programs are planned, we will be clear with age and participation plans.

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