Where has Chris Clover Been?

“Oh the places you will go.”~ Dr Suess.

Where Did You Take Chris Clover?
There is still time so send us your pictures by clicking the “Chris Clover” banner at wi4h.org! We can’t wait to see all of the adventures!

Chris Clover has had the chance to tag along with Wisconsin 4-Her’s throughout the summer as they lived the Wisconsin 4-H Movement! While their adventures are not over yet, let’s look at the 4-H fun happening throughout Wisconsin and beyond!

In June, Chris Clover explored MANY new opportunities. They met Kitty and Klover from the “Foaling Around with Wisconsin 4-H” program along with educators, Evan and Katie, and 4-Her, Jax. Chris Clover then helped finish a project exhibited at the Washington County Fair. Other opportunities included: exploring The International Crane Foundation with Sauk County; heading to camp with Iowa County; and helping at camp in Outagamie County. They even got to go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado with an Outagamie County 4-H family!

While discovering skills, Chris appeared at many county fairs and learned many new things. 4-Hers took them along to work on a leather quiver in Washington County and learn new art skills in Sauk County. They also helped prepare for the Waupaca County Fair and attended many camps throughout Wisconsin! Many of the new skills 4-Hers learned really showed how great it is to be yourself. Art was a trend this summer, showing how creativity lets you be yourself.

Chris Clover and many 4-Hers showed how much they value belonging together! They appeared at 4-H Club meetings in Adams and Fond du Lac Counties . Chris Clover learned about equine driving with the Adams County Horse and Pony group and helped Barron County youth create a breakout challenge. These experiences allowed Chris Clover and 4-Hers to build connections while trying new things. Chris Clover also really enjoyed giving back to the community and helped Brown County 4-Hers hand out water bottles at the Bay Beach Amusement Park on a hot summer day!

What a fun journey! Chris Clover is popping up all over! Where have you been with Chris and the 4-H Movement this summer? There is still time. Send us your pictures by clicking the “Chris Clover” banner at wi4h.org! We can’t wait to see all the adventures!

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