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No matter what your interest is, you can pursue it with Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development! Do you…
Need a quality, research-based program for out-of-school time? Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development staff are partnering with schools and other community based organizations to improve the quality and quantity of Afterschool programs around the state.

Love animals, from small to large? In 4-H Agriculture & Animal Science programs, you can learn about raising and caring for everything from guinea pigs to beef cattle! Popular areas include Dairy, Horse, and Livestock. Participate in educational camps, quiz bowls, judging contests, or any other event.

Want to change the world, starting in your own hometown? Wisconsin 4-H Youth in Governance/Citizenship programs help youth become well-informed leaders who are actively engaged in communities from local to worldwide. Youth & adults working together in positions of authority to make decisions and take action to strengthen organizations, communities, and our democratic society.

Want a fun, hands-on learning experience for younger children? Cloverbuds is a 4-H project for youth in five-year old kindergarten through second grade.  The activities they participate in help them build skills that will help them throughout their life.

4-H Clubs/Groups are the history and tradition of Wisconsin 4-H.  Youth join a local 4-H club which is led by 4-H adult leaders.

Need to express your creative side? Check out the huge range of Wisconsin 4-H Communication Arts activities available, like photography, drama, public speaking, music, visual art and more! There are opportunities for all ages, including adults.

Yearn to lead at a national level, or see what space has to offer? Experience 4-H throughout Wisconsin and beyond by participating in these educational opportunities outside of your county.

Want to expand your knowledge and understanding of nature and the environment? Environmental education programs are a unique opportunity to strengthen a student’s experience with the outdoors. Incorporating observational field studies, climate science, long-term ecological studies, and even cutting edge technology, environmental education can increase positive learning opportunities inherent in fostering a student’s outdoor leadership, conservation awareness, and career development.

Value nutrition, health and wellbeing? Through the 4-H Healthy Living Mission Mandate, 4-H engages youth and families with opportunities to achieve optimal physical, social and emotional well-being.

Have a passion for seeing new places and meeting new people? Wisconsin 4-H International exchange opportunities abound! You could host a student from places like Argentina, Finland, Japan, Korea, Mexico and more! Or, prepare for an adventure and visit places like Australia, Japan or Costa Rica! Wisconsin 4-H promotes intercultural awareness and understanding and challenges youth and families to become better global citizens by providing opportunities to establish close relationships with people from different cultures through international home-stay and hosting experiences.

Come from a military family? Military Kids is a nationwide initiative designated to provide support to the children and youth of families that are impacted by the Global War on Terrorism. This includes those served by Army installations, Air Force bases, and those children and youth who are geographically dispersed.

Admire archery, or want to sharpen your aim? Human growth and development is the primary goal of the 4-H shooting sports program. Introducing safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment opens valuable vocational and life-long recreational education.

Dream of building robots, exploring the stars and discovering all the secrets of science? 4-H Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities like rocketry, robotics, astronomy and more are an interactive way to learn more about how the world works. Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development is developing and providing cutting-edge programs for young people to learn real-world skills to prepare them for the challenges of today and tomorrow.