Cooking with Meat Project Box

Do you want to learn more about cooking with meat from one of the following market animal projects: beef, swine, sheep, goat, poultry, or rabbit?

Calumet County 4-H and the Distance Learning Team brings you the opportunity to participate in the Cooking with Meat Project Box. By participating in this distance learning project, youth will learn the following:

  • The safe way to cook, store, freeze and thaw meat of the different project species.
  • How to find the correct internal temperature of the cuts of meat.
  • Try different recipes, helping them learn different ways to flavor and cook meat.

We encourage youth to learn to cook with the animal species they may be raising, but also to try others to learn some differences and other skills. There will be a Zoom meeting hosted by Bernie O’Rourke, Extension Livestock Specialist, to lead youth through a cooking lesson, using the information in the Cooking with Meat box.

Youth participants will also have access to a Google website where copies of the handouts will be available, the recording will be posted, and for them to engage with other youth from around the state to share what they cook. This box will have some delicious recipes to help you learn some valuable life skills, so don’t miss out on this scrumptious opportunity! Boxes will be picked up from your local county extension office. Registration closes on December 15th. You can register here.

Included in the box:

  • Meat probe
  • Cutting Board
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Internal temp magnet
  • Cooking with meat book
  • Access to virtual cooking session in Jan or Feb 2024

Thank you to Conteva AgriScience and the WI 4-H Foundation for helping to provide funds for this opportunity for youth. Also, a special thank you to the WI Beef Council and the WI Pork Association for assisting with dissemination of information for the purpose of this project box.

Any questions, please reach out to Calumet County 4-H Program Educator, Carlea Liermann, at or 920-483-0646.

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