Bring the World Home by Hosting an International Friend this Summer!!

Every year, Wisconsin 4-H brings youth from around the world to stay with a host family for four weeks of the summer. Students are matched with a family who has a child of similar age and gender to become their host sibling and share their culture with their student. Host families and delegates are matched based on shared interests. Students are between the ages of 12-18, depending on the program, with the majority being 12-15 years old. The students are accompanied by adult chaperones, who stay with separate host families. These families do not need to have children living with them, so there is an opportunity for everyone to host!

By hosting an international delegate this summer, families will:

  • Gain appreciation for another person and their culture
  • Increase cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Better understand their own culture while learning about another
  • Form lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories

This experience focuses on ‘everyday American family life,’ so no special plans or trips are required! The visiting youth are excited to spend time with your family and will introduce your family to their culture too. Your children will have the opportunity to make a lifelong friend from abroad and have an unforgettable summer they will be excited to share about!

Dates vary by program and are listed below:

  • Norway: June 23 – July 20, 2023 (delegates 15-18 years old)
  • Japan: July 23 – August 16, 2023 (delegates 12-16 years old)

Applications are available at and will be accepted until April 15, or until all students are placed. For more information visit or contact Wisconsin 4-H International Programs at or 608.262.2491. We look forward to hearing from you soon and starting your once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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