How to Use the PYD Media Collection

The Positive Youth Development Media Collection is a library of educational tools that youth and volunteers can borrow from anywhere in the state. The collection has more than 100 resources available. Most are for animal science projects, though photography and juggling materials are also available.

Youth leaders and adult volunteers use these materials for:

  • Educational clinics – These materials make great stations at clinics so youth can learn more about things like the parts of animals, animal welfare and care, and tools they can use with their animals.
  • Judging competitions – Many counties use the materials as judging stations, quizzing youth knowledge about their animals.
  • Interactive booths at events (like the fair or breakfast on the farm) – The materials can be a good way to teach the public about animal science

To learn more about the PYD Media Collection, visit the website.

Youth leaders and volunteers can request materials directly using the online form found on the website. Requesters are still responsible for returning all media on time.

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