You Can Help Support Youth Mental Health

In Wisconsin 4-H, we understand our important role in helping to build emotional health in youth. Volunteers can help by creating safe and welcoming spaces and acting as trusted adults. Supporting Youth Mental Health training supports you as volunteers, as you support youth.

It’s important to know how to be there youth when they’re down, whether it’s simply a bad day or it’s more than that.

Available to all volunteers, required for some, the Supporting Youth Mental Health (YMH) for Volunteers training is available to all adult volunteers who want to learn to:

  • Know when a youth might be struggling
  • Talk to and support them
  • Get more help when needed

For all in-person overnight youth experiences, all adult volunteers must be trained in Supporting YMH.

Get Trained

The training has two parts:

  • 1-hour online training
  • 1.5-2-hour live training—offered virtually or in-person

Find a time that works for your schedule! We offer a wide range of dates and time for the live training. They are listed on the Supporting YMH web page. Click the link to register for the session you plan to attend. You will get an email about how to get started with the online training, which must be completed before the live training. Waivers are available for those who have recently completed Youth Mental Health First Aid or have extensive professional training. See the Supporting YMH web page for more information.

Questions? Contact Dawn at

Support Extension