2022 Green County 4-H Talent Show

Green County 4-H is excited to announce their first ever…Green County 4-H Talent Show. Please consider joining them Thursday, June 9th starting at 6 p.m. at the Twining Park Bandshell in Monroe, WI for some incredible 4-H talent and FUN! The show is open to ALL!

Megan Leitner, Green County 4-H Youth Leader and other Green County 4-H youth leaders have been coordinating this new event. Megan felt that there needed to be more performing arts representation in 4-H. She says, “we always have a music “class” for our fair; but it was always under the Cultural Arts Department. I felt that there needed to be more opportunities for the kids to perform and create.” Megan has been playing and performing classical piano for 10+ years, so performance has always been a huge part of her life and she believes that performing really promotes growth. Megan has also been a member of the Wisconsin 4-H Drama Company at the state level for 2 years now, which was also an inspiration for her in planning this program.

Megan and the other youth leaders hope that this show increases the general interest and funding for the performing arts program in Green County and across the state. They are most hopeful that the performers enjoy themselves.

The Green County 4-H Talent Show has 23 acts lined up for June 9th. The show WILL be eventful!! Megan is most excited about the wide variety of performances lined up. Not only will there be instrumental and vocal performances, but there is also dance, spoken word, comedy, and even a martial arts demonstration! Megan shared, “I am excited to be a positive and musical role model for the kids involved in the show. I hope this program inspires the kids to keep performing!!”

The newly formed Performing Arts Committee also recently hosted a drama-themed event. It was called “Art in the Park” at the New Glarus Woods State Park. There were nine youth from across Green County who participated in the event. They did a variety of drama-themed games and exercises. The participants had a great time with boomwhackers too! They used nature as a theme for some of the activities and participants were able to act as the animals that are found in the surrounding Wisconsin wilderness. At the end of the day, participants performed like the animals and the parents/guardians guessed which animal the kids were in character. Megan was able to use her experience from the Wisconsin 4-H Drama Company to lead some of the theater games such as; elbow tag, hep, mirrors, and flocking.

WI 4-H provides so many ways for youth leaders to share their SPARKS and spark interest in others. Thank you Megan for your incredible leadership and vision for the NEW Green County 4-H Talent Show and “Art in the Park!”

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