Fin, Fur and (absent) Feather Recap!

This annual event gives youth a chance to learn how to show small animals and pets – Here’s to Area 13’s Fur, Fin and (future) Feather event on April 30th!

One of the highlights of our re-organization into areas over the years, is that it brought Area 13 together: Monroe, La Crosse, Vernon, Crawford, and Richland Counties. We seriously enjoy working together, so when we heard that Monroe County’s annual Fur, Fin and Feather event was on the fritz – of course we had to do something!

This year was a bit small due to exhibit restrictions on our friends of the feathered variety, but the show was alive with rabbits, cats, a fish, a snake and 2 geckos! Youth came from several different counties (even some outside of our area!) to get experience on how to show their beloved exhibits.

Many utilized this as a networking opportunity and we have so many ideas to make this event more spectacular next year. Please keep your eyes out for our future event in 2023. See you next year!

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